M O X I E Lighting was created to bring a new approach to the industry of lighting manufacturer's representatives.  We don't consider ourselves a traditional lighting agency and take pride in being true ambassadors of our brands.

While much of the industry has undergone significant change with the advent of LED technology, the majority of lighting representatives have not changed.  We live in a world where technology and access to information are the backbones of industry, yet the linear channels and bottle-necking of information in the lighting industry has not changed.  M O X I E Lighting aims to break this mold, by centering itself in the process of lighting specification and sales, giving its customers the information they need.  We accomplish this through our own system, M O X I E Management, and an understanding of the leading technologies at play in the industry.

With M O X I E Lighting, gone are the days of long outlook email chains.  We believe in real time file sharing and group communication.   We believe in understanding and using the latest technologies to improve communication and management of lighting and its control. 

Want to know more about us?  Reach out in the contact section and we would be happy to set up a call, or come into your office and show you what we are all about!