For Distributors - Quotations and Project Management

Our Quotations are cloud based!  With each new project you'll get a link to your quotation in an email which will open in any web browser you choose to use.  

YES the above button actually works and will take you to a sample quote! Or click the image below to enlarge it and get a better view inside our system!

Once opened you'll go to your quotations "home" page.  Here is where you see the extra steps that Moxie takes at the very begining of a project to insure everything starts out on the right foot!


All quotations start with anything that will require confirmation before ordering. 

Here is where we will include whether or not factory shop drawings will be required.  Will inform of any pertinent installation requirements that might not be standard.  Voltage, finish, mounting heights? 

Quote details and exceptions.PNG

We make sure that anything that needs to be completed is highlighted here for the life of the quotation. 

So whether its one day, one week, or months before you review the quote again, we've taken the extra step to make that review as easy as possible!

Base Quote.PNG

See that green text that says Spec Sheet?  Yep, that's right we include the specification sheets in all our quotations!


All base quotes include unit pricing.

Not only do you get a part number, but we include a description as well.


Moxie provides the appropriate Unit pricing and extensions as well.  

We even include pricing per foot when relevant.

When developing quick ship or variable quantity quotes, will include the ability for the distributor to input their own quantities as well!

quick ship.PNG
Terms and lead times.PNG

ALL Quotations will include all relevant Manufacturer terms and conditions!

Lead times?  Yep you get those as well!

That green text again?  Links to the vendors full length warranties and terms.


Every quotation will have a comments bar on the side where you can ask any questions you might have on your quotation.  This is seen by the entire quotes team and insures not having to remember one specific person to email.  Just drop us a message and will respond right away!

You will also notice there are 5 icons on the left of the comments window.

Recipients shows who in your organization was sent the quotation and can comment.

Forwarding the document allows you to add in anyone who might be missing.

Printing will open up your computers print options.

Download will initiate a download of a PDF of the quote.

Moxie's view of versions trail 3.PNG

We also keep records of all versions of all quotes along with an audit trail so at any point we can quickly recall a projects history and information!

side bar distributor.PNG

The Future

the future.PNG

Moxie works to center itself at intersections of the commercial process.  Opening up lines of communication and insuring successful projects while keeping information flowing to the correct groups at the right time.

In the future distributors will have their own log on credentials where they can access all their project history with Moxie in one location.



the future 2.PNG