We're launched!

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Starting July 1st, M O X I E Lighting is proud to be up and servicing the NYC market.

After seven years in the lighting industry, helping to run sales and operations for an Agency in New York State and sales for a manufacture in NYC,  I knew it was time to break away and tackle some of the larger issues still facing the lighting design community.  Issues I found to be even more extensive in the time sensitive NYC marketplace.

The lighting industry can seem overly convoluted, why? Information.  At the core of all it's struggles, we find a lack of information flow as the main culprit.  Sales comes first in this industry too often, where as information, coordination and execution often come last, but the priority is backwards.  M O X I E Lighting is tackling project management and brand knowledge in two new platforms much needed in the industry.  So if you're frustrated with the status quo and are looking for a new approach, reach out, we would love to present how it all works and how we've integrated our brands into our unique systems!



Matteo Seconi

Chief Lumenologist

M O X I E Lighting

Matteo Seconi